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International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE) (Copy)


Purpose : help to diagnose personality disorders,
Formate: Paper and pencils,
Age :range 12years to 70years ,
Time: 1-2 hours for interview;15 minutes for screener, 30minutes to score,
IPDE introductory kit -DSM-Module include IPDE manual IPDE manual 25IPDE-DSM-IV screening questionnaries 15IPDE-DSM-IV booklets, 50IPDE-DSM-IV answer sheets ,
IPDE introductory kit -ICD-Module include IPDE manual 25IPDE-ICD-10 screening questionnaries, 15IPDE-ICD-10 booklets, 50IPDE-ICD-10 answer sheets .
Armand W. Loranger, Phd


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