Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing–Second Edition (CTOPP-2)



Purpose: Assesses phonological awareness, phonological memory, and rapid naming

Format: Paper and pencil, Software

Age range: 4 years to 24 years, 11 months

Time: 40 minutes

CTOPP-2 Complete Kit
includes CTOPP-2 Examiner’s Manual, 25 Examiner Record Booklets–Ages 4-6 Years, 25 Examiner Record Booklets–Ages 7-24 Years, Picture Book, Core Subtest–CD-ROM, and Supplemental Subtest–CD-ROM

Richard k. Wagner, phd, Joseph k. Torgesen, phd, Carol A. Rashotte, phd, And Nils A. Pearson, phd


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