Screening Test for Educational Prerequisite Skills™ (STEPS™) (Copy)

Benefits: Provide a clean picture of the needs and skill of beignning kindergartners identifying those at risk Age : 4

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Philosophy of TEACCH pal formate
For use outside the U.S. and Canada this DVD describes north carolina’s TEACCH programme explaining the philosophy behind educational and treatment methods used with children who have austims, 49 minutes.

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TERA-4: Test of Early Reading Ability–Fourth Edition

COMPLETE TERA-4 KIT INCLUDES: Examiner’s Manual, 2 Picture Books (Form A and Form B), 2 packets of 25 Examiner Record

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Test for Auditory Comprehension of Language–Fourth Edition (TACL-4)

Age : 3-0 through 12-11
Time:20-30 minutes .
Administration: Individual.
Includes: TACL Examiner manual, picture book, 25 examiner recoprd booklets, critical reviews and research finding for TACL 1965u2013 and TACL – 4/ TEXL comprehensive scoring supplement all in study storage box(2013).
Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk

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Test of Early Mathematics Ability, 3rd Edition (TEMA-3)

Purpose:Measure mathematic performance.
Age : 3years to 8 years, 11 month
Time:40minutes .
Formate:Paper and pencil,software.
TEMA-3 Complete KIT
Includes: TEMA-3 Examiner manual,Picture book form A, picture book form B,25 examiner form booklets A,25 examiner form booklets A, 25 worksheet form A,25 worksheet form B, Assessement probes and intructional activities, 5″ * 8″ cards, 25 books, 25 tockens and a mesh bag.
Herbert P. Ginsburg And Arthur J. Baroody

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Test of Irregular Word Reading Efficiency™(TIWRE™) (Copy)

Purpose:Assess reading comprehensive through the use of phonetically irregular words. Age : 3years to 94 years, 11 month Time:2 minutes

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Test of Mathematical Abilities for Gifted Students (TOMAGS) (Copy)

Ages: Grades K throug 6
Testing Time: 30-60minutes
Administration:invidual or group
Use the primary level( Grades K3) or the intermidiates level (Grades 4-6)of this standardized norm referenced test of identify children gifted in mathematics.
Complete TOMAGS kit includes: Examiner’s manual,50 student booklets(25 for the primary level and 25 for the intermidiate level),50 profile/scoring sheets(25 for each version )all in study storage box 1998.
Gail R. Ryser, Susan K. johnsen

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