Gray Oral Reading Tests?Fifth Edition, Complete Kit (GORT-5)

Age : 6-0 through 23-11
Time:20-30 minutes .
Administration: Individual.
GORT-5 complete KIT
Includes: GORT Examiner manual, student books , 25 examiner records booklets each for form A and B all in study storage box ( 2012).
J. Lee Wiederholt And Brian R. Bryant

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Gray Silent Reading Tests (GSRT) (Copy)

Purpose:Assess silent reading comprehension. Age : 7 years to 25 years Time:15-20minutes . Formate:Paper and pencil. GSRT KIT Includes: GSTR

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Hammill Multiability Achievement Test (HAMAT)

Age :7-0throug 17-11 (grade 6-12) Testing Time: 30-60 minutes Administration: individual The Hammill Multiability Achievement Test (HAMAT) is one of

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Kane Learning Difficulties Assessment™ (KLDA™)

Purpose:Screen collage students for learning difficulties and ADHD.
Age : 17 years and older, 11 month
Time:15minutes to administer.
Formate:Paper and pencil,online administration and scoring via PARIconnect.
Includes: KLDA professional manual, 25 item/ response booklets and 25 KLDA score reports on PARIconnect.
Steven T. Kane, PhD, Professional manual By Steven T. Kane, PhD,And Haddy kovack Clark, Phd

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Kent Inventory of Developmental Skills (KIDS)

Purpose: Screens collage for learning difficulties and ADHD Formate: Paper and pencils, online administration and scoring via PARIconnect Age: 17

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Krug Asperger’s Disorder Index (KADI)

David A. Krug And Joel R. Arick

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Marital Satisfaction InventoryTM , Revised (MSITM-R) (Copy)

Formate: Self Report Age : 18years and up,   Time : 15-25 minutes, MSI-R kit includes : 40 auto score

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Mathematics Fluency and Calculation Tests (MFaCTs) – Complete Secondary Kit (Copy)

Cecil R. Raynolds, Judith K Voress, Randy W. Kamphaus

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