DAYC-2 Developmental Assessment of Young Children Second Edition

Age: Birth through 5 year,
Testing time : 10 to20 minutes for each domain,        
complete DAYc-2 kit includes: examiner’s manual 25 each of cognitive , comunication, physical development, social -emotional development and adaptive behaviour scoring form: 25 mini poster-pack of early child development chart, 3e;,25 examiner summary sheets. All in study storage box (2013)
judith .K. Voress And Taddy maddox

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Decoding-Encoding screener for DyslexiaTM DESTTM

Benefit: quickly assess a student’s specific reading difficulties ,
Age:1st through 8th Grades,        
Admin time 5-10minutes,  
format: individually administered task
DESD kit, includes stimulus booklet: 100 spelling response forms: 100 record sheets ; manual
John r. Griffin, OD,MSED and Howard N, OD MS et al

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Detroit Tests of Learning Aptitude-Primary: Third Edition (DTLA-P:3) (Copy)

Age: 3-0 through 9-11
Time: 15 to 45 minutes
Administer time: individual
The DTLA-p:3 is a quick administered test for measuring the general aptitude of young children it is the particularly useful with law functioning school age children ages 3-0 through 9-11 its comprises six subtests measuring cognitive ability in area such as language attention and motor ability.
DTLA-p:3 KIT INCLUDES:Examiner manual, picture book, 25 examiner record booklets, 25 response forms all in study storage box (2009).
Donald .D. Hammill And Phyllis . L. Howcomer

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Developmental Profile™ 3 (DP™-3) (Copy)

Benefits: Allow you to quickly screen A child for development delays in five key ares.
Age: Birth through 12 years to 11 month.
Admin Time: 20-40 minutes
Formate: Interveiw or parent/caregivers checklist.
Includes:25 interveiw forms;25 parent/caregivers checklist; manual.
Grald D. Alpern, PhD

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Feifer Assessment of Mathematics™ (FAM) (Copy)

Purpose: Examine the underlying neurodevelopmental process that support proficient math skills. Age: 5 to 21 years Formate: Paper and pencil,

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Feifer Assessment of Reading (FAR) (Copy)

Purpose: Examine the underlying cognitive and linguistic process that support proficient reading skills. Age: 5 to 21 years Formate: Paper

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Goal-Oriented Assessment of Lifeskills™ NEW (GOAL™)

Benifits: An evaluation of functional motor skill in activities of daily living .
Age : 7years to 17 years
Time: 45-60 minutes.
Formate:Individual administration of 7 activities.
Includes: 1 set of test material,25 record forms, Pad of 25 paper box sheets, stimulus easel and manual.
Lucy JAne Miller, PhD, OTR And Thomas Oakland,PhD

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Gray Diagnostic Reading Tests, Second Edition (GDRT-2) (Copy)

Benefits: Provide a norms referenced assessment of oral reading ability that help you monitor reading progress over time Age :

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