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PSYCHOMATRIX is a leading organisation involved in sales, distribution, Publication & Training of Psychological Tests.Psychological Test materials are used by hospitals, educational institutes, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, School psychologists, NeuroPsychologists, Organizational Psychologists, Health Psychologists, Forensic Psychologists not only in India but abroad also..


We have earned the award for “Best practices in 2013"
For our contribution in marketing.

Through comprehensive evaluation one can know about one's Abilities, Interests, Aptitude, Personality Traits, Behaviour, Mental Health etc.. PSYCHOMATRIX is the Exclusive Publisher & Distributor in India, Under license from C.P.S. Publishing LLC..

Our Approach

We assure you a more professional and better service. We are publisher of Series of Children Apperception Test Indian and Original. The Original version comprise of Animal Form, Human Form & Supplementary Form. We are also in the process of doing Indian Adaptation & Translation of the original version. Our team comprises of trained clinical psychologists, organization behaviorists, Neuropsychiatrists and statisticians. We are associated with all leading publishers of India and abroad. We have a comprehensive basket of tests in published and software formats from India and overseas.

Sonia Kamra
“I met many reputated well known psychologist in the past three months but none of them has given me the right solution, But after meeting psychologist Ms Deepali Batra, I simply say Ms Deepali Batra is the best psychologist in Delhi.." ,

Our Team

Dr Vijay Pathak
Dr. Vijay Pathak at Psychomatrix has played a pivotal role in improving the health and well-being of a number of patients facing mental challenges.
Ms. Deepali Batra
Ms. Deepali Batra is a qualified, trained and experienced Clinical and Child Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Corporate Trainer.